? About | Oxford IPO Working Dog Club

Oxford IPO Working Dog Club – Canada  was founded in April 2015, by Anthony Hartelaub (president and training helper), Michaela Bouzkova (vice-president), and Lenka Matouskova (secretary / treasurer).

Oxford IPO is a member club of the American Working Malinois Association.

Cumulating years of experience in dog sport as trainers, helper, and handlers, we come from different backgrounds, breeds, clubs, and countries, to work together for the love of IPO sport.

As Belgian Shepherd lovers, we decided to operate under the rules, regulations and guidelines of the American Working Malinois Association:

  • To encourage owners of Malinois and other Belgian Shepherd varieties to train in the sport of IPO

  • To preserve the Belgian Malinois and other Belgian Shepherd varieties in accordance with the Breed Standard as a working dog

  • To interest and educate the public about the Malinois and other Belgian Shepherd varieties, IPO and its practical applications.



The initial objectives behind the creation of the Oxford IPO WDC, besides consolidating our small training group into an official structure, are:

  • To help club members and their dogs to achieve the highest level of IPO titles and placing in competition to the best of the team’s ability

  • To promote humane and thoughtful training methods for the working dog and to support responsible dog ownership and breeding practices for all breeds

  • To protect and promote the sport of IPO, by training dogs and organizing IPO trials

  • To encourage and promote good sportsman-like competition at trials and training sessions



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